[Translate to Englisch:] Historie der Gassmann GmbH
[Translate to Englisch:] Historie Gassmann seit 1946

Gassmann GmbH makes history

Hop on Board with us on our journey of over 75 years in the business.


  • History Gassmann 1946

    Planting the seed - The roots of our family business stems as the founders Alfred Gassmann and his wife Katharina Gassmann begin in their dealings in agricultural vehicles, machinery and equipment, as well as household and kitchen appliances. The passion for industrial trade grows.

  • History Gassmann 1952

    The Breakthrough - With business and family expanding simultaneously the power pair with their son Helmut Gassmann incorporates trailers to their daily trade and the official company "Anhänger-Gassmann" is born in Bovenden. They continue full speed ahead - offering special conversion services, such as the conversion of truck trailers and vehicle bodies. This service sets the company up for a big future.

    Post War there is rebuilding to do and the Gassmann company provides the fundamental building tools to do so. With increasing demands the company premises are enlarged through the purchase of further properties in Bovenden and the surrounding area.

  • Further Expansion - With the success of their first company the Gassmanns move further and start their second partner company NUFA GmbH & Co. KG based in Lich near Gießen.

  • History Gassmann 1983

    Milestone - Today's “Gassmann GmbH“ is founded alongside the company "Anhänger-Gassmann" and NUFA GmbH & Co. KG. In the meantime the Gassmann name develops into a company that is well-known at home and abroad.

  • New oppertunities - The dissolution of the former GDR and the opening up of Eastern Europe makes for a strong demand for commercial vehicles in the new federal states and the neighboring countries to the east. Thus the Schopsdorf branch is opened to better reach this market.

  • History Gassmann 2004

    Relocation - The company moves into its new headquarters on Alte Bundesstrasse, on the outskirts of Bovenden. Our new workshop, offices, storage halls, and truck parking spaces are created here to meet the increasing need for space.

  • Passion into business - Helmut Gassmann incorporates his longterm love of vintage cars and youngtimers into daily business.

  • Importing Cars - Mr. Gassmann lays the forefront for Germany in the branch of importing passanger cars from Japan. A separate exhibition hall with an associated workshop team is founded for the car sector of the company.

  • History Gassmann 2015

    Third generation - Daughter, Katharina Gassmann begins to make her mark in the company and supports her father in trading in vintage and youngtimers. Thus, the family tradition continues in the 3rd generation.

    Due to the increasing trade and re-import of historic vehicles, the available space quickly becomes too small. A new exhibition hall with 8,000 m² is opened.


Doing what we do best - Gassmann GmbH continues to offer its services internationally. Our large customer base benefits from our many years of experience. Today, truck conversions and superstructures are part of our special offer and unrivaled strength in this area.